MBc is a Consultancy Providing Comprehensive Advertising Solutions for Marketers

Production Costs

Process management, review, and negotiation of all aspects of production projects

Agency in-house Studio Rate Cards

Audit of agency's in-house facilities and capabilities leading to a negotiation of rate cards.

Agency Agreements & Fee

Analysis and negotiation of agency staffing plans and evaluation of MSA's.

Production Guidelines

Establish best practices and develop process for managing and scaling content planning and production.

Vendor Sourcing & Industry Resources

RFP content analysis, vendor selection process advice, decoupling, up-to-date industry trends and benchmarks

We Empower Marketers with Transparency Increased quality Maximized ROI

Maximize your ROI by relying on MBc’s vast production knowledge, industry cost benchmarks and innovative methodology solutions giving you the ability to create more content while maintaining creative integrity.

MBc builds partnerships with our client and agency teams enabling us to be a valued resource and extension of the team. We make sure no assumptions are unanswered, everyone is on the same page, estimates are fair and accurate, and all of your needs are met before awarding.

We do the due diligence on the multitude of paperwork and hundreds of line items a production job comprises so that you and your agency don't have to. We accomplish this by utilizing our deep background of production experience, relationships with associations such as the ANA, and our database of industry benchmarks. All of this frees everyone else up to focus on their core responsibilities. Our involvement makes the process happen more efficiently and successfully so that you can confidently go into a job knowing every box has been checked.

As a result, both time and money are saved while maintaining the priority of delivering a top quality creative execution.


What our clients says

"MBc has excellent command of production/agency cost and process management. They've brought discipline and standardization to how we approach production analysis. They maintained strong relationships with our agency partners as well who ultimately viewed them as an ally. The benefits of having MBC far outweighed our investment with them and I'd highly recommend MBC to clients looking to get a firm grasp of their production investments."
Bob Stohrer
VP, Brand Creative

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